We take an interdisciplinary approach. We have experts from different disciplines working together to create the vision, goals, strategies, and tactics needed to achieve success.

Government Relations

Agee Global Solutions has government relations expertise at the state and local government levels. We know how to influence elected officials at all government levels, and our tailored strategies provide clients with strategic communications, grass-roots mobilization, polling, and lobbying. We believe that bi-partisan talent is critical to meet the project needs of our clients. We collaborate to create conventional and unconventional strategies that adapt to challenges and shape clients’ solutions.

Public Affairs

From corporations to universities to non-profits, we provide one point of contact for all campaign needs, skillfully integrating the entire team into a singular capability that encompasses strategic media relations, grassroots coalition building, advocacy advertising, and government relations. Using strategic intelligence to identify influencers and decision-makers, Agee Global Solutions develops effective messaging and implements persuasive tactics to alter perceptions of targeted segments to change behavior and allow our clients to win.

Grass Roots Coalition Building

Agee Global Solutions has a network of bipartisan political operatives. Influencing grassroots leaders’ opinions in communities and turning them into validators on an issue or project is key to success. Our team develops and executes comprehensive “outside games” that elevate our clients’ causes and enhance their brands.

Political Consulting

Our team has won hundreds of races across the country. Senior advisors in political communication and strategy, polling, campaign management, and advocacy advertising give us a distinctive edge, allowing Agee Global Solutions to create the most persuasive messages, identify the most influential audiences, and manage communications correctly.

Strategic Planning

Our team helps our clients and their executive teams develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus. To achieve success, leaders need to know where they are going and how to assemble a team to get them there. Agee Global Solutions helps its clients develop comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action-oriented strategic plans to help leaders and their executive teams realize their visions.

Real Estate & Land Use

Agee Global Solutions’ real estate and land use experience are substantial. We commonly develop detailed project entitlement strategies that integrate our technical knowledge and expertise with our policy and political expertise that produce successful outcomes for our clients. We have worked on large master plans, infill development, brownfields, affordable housing, hotels, and a broad range of commercial and retail projects.

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We work closely with project managers, investors, and various technical and legal consultants involved in project entitlement to develop problem-solving approaches that move projects along. Agee Global Solutions has experience in the following real estate and land use related areas:

  • Redevelopment
  • Infrastructure Planning and Finance
  • Project Entitlement and Permitting Strategy
  • Land Planning
  • Community Outreach
  • CEQA Compliance and Strategy
  • Zoning Policy
  • General Plan Amendment and Updates
  • Project Financing
  • Traffic Studies
  • Affordable Housing
  • Infill Development
  • Brownfields

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